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DP-500 Certification

DP-500 exam (Enterprise Data Analyst) covers a broad range of skills and tools – starting with Power BI advanced features and concepts, all the way to Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Purview.

I’ve created this page with the intention to keep all the learning resources in one single place. I hope that everyone who’s preparing to take this exam will find the page useful and that will in the end help you master all the necessary skills to become a certified Enterprise Data Analyst.

Table of contents

Implement and manage data models (25-30%)

Design and build Tabular models

Optimize enterprise-scale data models

  • Identify and implement performance improvements in queries and visuals
  • Troubleshoot DAX performance by using DAX Studio
  • Optimize data model by using Tabular Editor 2
  • Analyze data model efficiency by using VertiPaq Analyzer
  • Implement incremental refresh
  • Optimize data model by using denormalization

Explore and visualize data (20-25%)

Explore Data by using Azure Synapse Analytics

Visualize Data by using Power BI


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