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Understanding Relational Data with Azure

Are you a seasoned data professional heading towards a cloud environment? Do you have profound SQL knowledge, but you’re not sure how it can be applied in Azure Data Services? Or do you simply want to acquire the skills necessary to successfully pass the DP-900 exam? In this course, Understanding Relational Data with Azure, you’ll gain the ability to identify key concepts and features in the Azure relational ecosystem. First, you’ll explore the main characteristics of OLTP and OLAP systems. Next, you’ll discover the difference between various Azure delivery models, such as PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. You’ll also understand key characteristics of various relational Data Services within Azure, namely Azure SQL Database, Azure DB for MySQL, and Azure DB for PostgreSQL. Finally, you’ll learn how to connect and query relational data from Azure SQL Database, Azure DB for MySQL, and Azure DB for PostgreSQL. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the foundational understanding of relational data in Azure that will enable you to make a smooth transition from on-prem to a cloud environment, and get you ready for the DP-900 exam.

Creating Reports with Power BI

Building a data-driven story is one of the core requirements for effective business decision-making. This course will teach you how to design and configure comprehensive reporting solutions with Microsoft Power BI.