My dear Power BI and data friends, we are slowly approaching the holiday season! I adore this time of the year, not only because we spend more time with our loved ones, but also because we are bringing many smiles to their faces by giving some nice presents. As Thanksgiving Day is around the corner, can you imagine a better gift than learning? Or, helping someone to learn…

I’ve already said before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat – financials shouldn’t be a blocker for upskilling or acquiring new knowledge! Therefore, I’ve organized and delivered multiple activities to support learning, such as running a FREE Power BI Bootcamp for women and individuals with financial needs (with the tremendous help of my fellow community friends), or opening my online learning platform to everyone!

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day and the coming festive period, I prepared two special promotions for all of you:

1. Data Mozart Orchestra subscription for €1/month! This is as crazy as it sounds! If you’re wondering what’s Data Mozart Orchestra, let me briefly explain: Data Mozart Orchestra brings to you the best of both worlds – learning about core concepts relevant when working with various data solutions, while at the same time offering practical tips and tricks from real-life scenarios, to level up your data analytics game! Unlike other subscription services, where you get access to dozens of courses that last 15+ hours each and you probably never get started watching them (or you start but never finish them), Data Mozart Orchestra offers a myriad of byte-size content on various topics.

For more details and what’s currently included in the subscription, you can find here. There are currently 13 mini-courses included, but the fresh content is coming every month! Think of Microsoft Fabric and all the buzz around it, and I’m sure you’ll love Data Mozart Orchestra😊

Promotion T&C: You can subscribe to the Data Mozart Orchestra for as little as €1! This price is valid for the 1st month of subscription, afterwards, you’ll be charged the full amount (currently €15/month). Promotion is limited to a maximum of 50 new signups (so, maybe it’s not a bad idea to hurry up a little bit). Of course, the subscription can be canceled at any time, without asking any questions.

2. 1+1 – the best gift you can get is the one that helps you become a better version of yourself! So, if you have a friend, family member, or colleague (maybe your manager:)) that you want to make happy for Thanksgiving Day, you can now gift them a course!

But, that’s not all – since it’s a giving time of the year, for every course/bundle you gift someone, I WILL GIFT YOU FREE ACCESS TO THAT COURSE! So, I’m matching your gift! Yes, you read that correctly: buy a course for someone, and you will get FREE access to the course as well…Learning is always more fun in company😊

Promotion T&C: When buying a course/bundle, choose the option: This is a gift:

As soon as you place the order, you can contact me and I’ll give you FREE access to the course/bundle you gifted someone. You can gift as many courses as you like (I’m sure more people will love you because of that😊), but there can be a maximum of one email address that gets FREE access to the course/bundle. In addition, there is a total maximum of 50 free access codes to be gifted (so, better be quick and make someone smile today). You don’t need to worry, all the regular refund policies are still valid…

Both promotions will run till the end of November, or till the maximum number of promotion coupons is reached.

In case you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out anytime at:

Enjoy the holidays and happy learning!

Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Nikola

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