My dear Power BI and Synapse Analytics friends, today is the big day for me, as I have some news to share with you. You’ve probably gotten accustomed to reading my articles on various Power BI and Synapse Analytics topics, so you may find today’s article slightly (not slightly, but significantly) different. 

As you might know, I was working in the last months on creating multiple resources for preparing and successfully passing the DP-500 exam (Azure Enterprise Data Analyst). And, I was super happy to see many people on LinkedIn and Twitter sharing the news about passing the exam and mentioning that my articles helped them to master the necessary skills. 

However, I was also approached by many others who were seeking a structured and well-organized learning path for DP-500.  

I was doing live training for DP-500 (and got some great feedback, by the way), but still many individuals were not able to afford live training, or the dates and times were not suitable for them. They CRAVED for the on-demand learning material! 

And, there it is! I’m excited to announce the launch of the “Mastering DP-500 Azure Enterprise Data Analyst” course! It’s the product of many years of domain experience, months of creating the content and weeks of editing videos… 

What’s in it for you?  

  • 7+ hours of video content (instructional videos + demos)  
  • 100 mock exam questions, that are written and phrased the same as “real” exam questions, so once you walk through them, you should feel more confident taking the exam  
  • Finally, I prepared a lot of practice files for download, so you can do everything on your own

How much does the course cost?  

I ran a poll on LinkedIn recently, asking people how much would they pay for this type of training. Most of the responses went into the “under 100$” bracket (75%). Although I understand that we all want to pay less whenever possible, in the end, it’s all about the value provided. If this course can help you advance your career (and I firmly believe it can), then it definitely has a higher value!  

Therefore, I decided to start with the 179 EUR price, as I’m sure that in the end, the value, in this case, overcomes the price… 

But, there is more to it!

Besides buying the full package, you can also choose between certain parts of the exam topics. Let’s say that you’re a Power BI guru, but you still haven’t put your hands on Synapse Analytics and/or Microsoft Purview. You can buy Synapse + Purview part only (including mock exam questions related to these two topics) for 99 EUR! On the flip side, if you have experience with Synapse and Purview, but need to level up your Power BI skills, or if you have a basic Power BI knowledge and want to master more advanced topics, feel free to buy “Power BI part” of the course for 129 EUR.  

And, last but not least, I can imagine that many of you are already masters of all these topics. Or, you simply don’t wish to pay for learning materials and you prefer learning from free resources – that’s absolutely fine! But, you still want to get this “feel” of the real exam and test your knowledge…Yes, you can buy mock exam questions (100 questions) separately for 49 EUR!  

The best comes in the end! I prepared a unique promo code for all of my “DP-500 crew”. Simply enter the “launch20” code during the checkout, and enjoy 20% off on all selected products! The offer is valid till Friday (January 27th), after that, courses will be sold for the regular price. 

Looking forward to having you on board and helping you in mastering all the skills necessary for getting the Azure Enterprise Data Analyst certification! 

Keep learning, keep growing! 

Links for the courses:

Mastering DP-500 Azure Enterprise Data Analyst – FULL COURSE

Mastering DP-500 Azure Enterprise Data Analyst – Power BI Part

Mastering DP-500 Azure Enterprise Data Analyst – Synapse Analytics & Microsoft Purview Part

Mastering DP-500 Azure Enterprise Data Analyst – Test Questions

P.S. Huge thanks to my friend Elena Drakulevska, who was my second pair of eyes and ears, and the non-biased part of my brain during the course creation process:)

Last Updated on January 20, 2023 by Nikola

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