How about some 100% free training on most in-demand data skills? Do you want to take this amazing certificate, and boost your career, but don’t have the financial capability to pay for learning resources?

Don’t worry, I get you covered! As you might know, I’ve recently designed a full, on-demand course for the Mastering DP-500 exam (Azure Enterprise Data Analyst). More details are in this blog post.

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This course walks you through all the topics necessary, not only to get ready for taking the exam, but also to explain key concepts that you may apply in your day-to-day work with Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Easter is coming, so it’s giving time! In the first week of April (the week before Easter), the course will be completely FREE to access!!! No strings attached! Yes, it’s true!

Oh, wait, Nikola…There must be a catch! You’re right: There IS a catch indeed:)

Since the course comprises 8 modules, every day starting from Saturday (April 1st), one module will be completely FREE to watch and learn! So, here’s the plan:

  • April 1st – “Understanding Microsoft Purview”
  • April 2nd – “Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics”
  • April 3rd – “Advanced Azure Synapse Analytics”
  • April 4th – “Design and build Tabular models with Power BI”
  • April 5th – “Ingest and transform data by using Power BI”
  • April 6th – “Visualize data by using Power BI”
  • April 7th – “Optimize enterprise-scale data models with Power BI”
  • April 8th – “Administer and govern data with Power BI”

Every day at 9 AM CET (Vienna time), the full module for that day will be free to access. And, it will stay unlocked for the next 24 hours. After the clock ticks 9 AM the next day, and the next module unlocks, the previous one will be locked again. Meaning, you have to watch it on that specific day!

If you missed it on the specific date…well, sorry, you can still buy the full course and watch it at your own pace! And, in addition, you get 100 mock exam questions included when you buy the course.

Don’t miss this free learning opportunity and make sure to enroll in the course (it’s free) before the Easter week kicks off.


  1. Go to the course page
  2. Select Free preview

3. Every day at 9 AM CET (Vienna time), one module will be available for the free preview for the following 24 hours (as explained above)

4. Enjoy the course!

Happy (free) learning!

Last Updated on March 31, 2023 by Nikola

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